Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Sign 1. Your sleep patterns change, you feel restless but seem to have more energy.

Get used to it and don’t worry, your body will adjust.


Sign 2. Shivers, crawling sensations, tingles on your scalp. Feeling pressure on the crown, like someone is pushing down with a finger. Flashes of great inspiration/creativity/thoughts. Feeling vibration around the head and ears.
Don’t worry. This is the opening of the crown chakra and divine energy is flowing in.


Sign 3. Sudden waves of emotion. Feeling sad, lonely, happy, angry, etc. for no reason. Be easy on yourself. Acknowledge the feelings as they arise and let them go with love. These are old feelings that were locked in your body and now coming out. Let them out.


Sign 4. Old issues keep coming back, often things you thought you were “over” a long time ago. Face any old issues that arise and deal with them. This is a necessary and deeply cleansing part of the awakening process.


Sign 5. Your physical body may change. Your eating habits may become more healthy, with or without you consciously deciding to do so. Your whole body and mind is changing and you may feel a variety of new feelings, sensations, ailments, illnesses, etc. This will settle down as you deal with the old emotions and issues. Your vibration will rise as you surrender with unconditional love.


Sign 6. Your senses increase in their sensitivity. Your 6th sense opens up and you become much more aware of subtle energies in your environment and in others. You may begin to see sparkles of light, shadows, balls of energy, grids of light, movement from the corner of your eyes. You may also hear humming or voices or experience fleeting smells or become aware of “someone” being close to you. These are signs of spirit and your guides. Never fear! Remember you are always in charge and can set down firm rules and boundaries.


Sign 7. You begin to see the world with new eyes. You feel loving and at one with everything. Be compassionate and loving, especially to yourself. Be gentle with yourself as your awareness expands.


Sign 8. You will desire more and more to break free of restrictive patterns and old habits that do not serve you anymore. Have courage and do it! Clear out the old and make room for the new.


Sign 9. You begin to notice more and more signs that speak directly to you on a very profound level. They will have great meaning to you as your awareness blossoms.


Sign 10. Synchronicity flows faster. These wonderful events flow when you are on the right path. Meetings, people, numbers, pictures… there are no limits to the ‘coincidences’ that come. Try to feel the message behind them and trust your intuition.

Remember you are not alone! Embrace your Spiritual awakening! 

🧿🖤Live An Enchanted Life 🖤🧿

 🖤🧿Enchanted Abbasi 🧿🖤