EmSculpt Effortless Workout 1 Session

EmSculpt Effortless Workout 1 Session

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EMSCULPT is a revolutionary new body sculpting procedure that lifts and tones without the use of surgery. In fact, the process is completely non-invasive. By building muscle and reducing UNWANTED FAT at the same time, patients who choose this treatment can enjoy a noticeably more defined abdomen.

Despite our best efforts, we can’t always contour our bodies the way we would like with diet and exercise alone. This is especially true when it comes to the stomach area, which is prone to fat buildup and sagging with age. Fortunately, a treatment like EMSCULPT can help you contour your body the way you want with no downtime or discomfort.*

It simply sounds too good to be true: Emsculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to trigger what's called supramaximal contractions (the kind that cannot be achieved by voluntary muscle action). It's cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for the "improvement of abdominal tone, strengthening of the abdominal muscles, development of firmer abdomen, [and] strengthening, toning, firming of the buttocks." Oh, and there's NO DOWN TIME OF COURSE! 

One 30 min session is equal to 20k sit ups or squats. 


30 min session  for EmSculpt in 1 area